Infection Control Reflection

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For module one: preparation for professional practice in health and social care, I will be writing a reflective essay focusing on one aspect of learning. I attended ten skills classes in total and found that Infection Control was the most interesting class. In this reflective essay I will be looking at the chain of infection while hand washing in a clinical setting, in the community and in a patient’s home. Infection prevention and control has been defined as the clinical application of microbiology in practice (Royal College of Nursing (RCN) 2010).
I will also be exploring how communication is vital in the healthcare environment when speaking and listening to patients or residents. This essay is about reflection on my experience during the infection control skills class so I will also write about reflection and how it is good to look back and gain knowledge from our mistakes. Infection control
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In order for contamination to stop, people need to be aware of hand hygiene and infection control. Although healthcare workers will have a varied amount of knowledge on this topic, the patients and patient’s families will not. There are already notices up in hospitals regarding infection control however; the public should not have to learn about hand hygiene when in hospital. There should be notices up in schools, universities and in shopping centres. All of these places will be seen by the public and will hopefully have an impact on people’s hand hygiene. By having these notices, this is a way of communicating with people. According to the NMC code (2008), nurses must be able to, address communication in diversity, and be able to use a range of communication methods with patients and respect and protect confidential information. Effective communication is a two way process, sending the right message and also listening to what is being said (Ingram 2009). This comes into place
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