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Reflection Essay Introduction I chose to do my reflection essay on The Graduation (Maya Angeluo), On Being Cripple (Nance Mairs), and On Dumpster Diving (Lars Eighner). I chose Maya Angeluo’s The Graduation, because of my love for her ability to recapture the texture of the way of life in her poems and writings. I’ve actually read Dumpster Diving in the past and it’s also one of my favorite readings. I actually chose On Being Cripple out of curiosity, and it was well worth it. Challenges of the Readings Usually I’m easily distracted when I’m reading, but today was different, as I was in a quiet environment. I sometimes play soft music through my headphones to block any distractions or interruptions, but since the environment…show more content…
I enjoyed reading Nancy Mairs’s “On Being a Cripple” because she really emphasized the struggle she must endure each and every day with her disease and how she copes with the fact that her life will never be the same as it once was. After reading this essay, I have learned that having a crippling illness is no excuse to give up on what you love to do. Nancy Mairs proved herself by continuing to teach and be the best mother and wife she could be, even after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She would not let her condition keep her away from what she loved most in her life. Nancy Mairs is truly an inspiration to those suffering with MS and other crippling disabilities because she shows us that being disabled isn't the end of the world. She describes her hardships, how she has learned from them and why they have made her a stronger person. She also tells us of the good times she's had and why it is important to find the good in bad times. I look at Nancy Mairs’s story as being an inspiration for all people,

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