Reflective Essay On Aboriginal Spirituality

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Assignment 1: Reflective paper While a variety of factors have shaped the diversity of Indigenous Australian philosophy and practices across the Australian continent, one of the central characteristics of the Aboriginal worldview is the concept of the ‘Dreaming’. Outline some of the key aspects of this belief system and reflect on this in comparison to your own worldview. The land is a living entity and the relationship Indigenous Australian people have with the ancestral spirits form the basis that is known as The Dreaming. In the beginning of The Dreaming, the Sacred Ancestors gave life to beings; human, bird, fish and animal and through this remarkable conception, the spirits travelled in human form, creating and shaping. The creation…show more content…
Through ceremonies, song and dance, art, rituals, hunting and cooking (Rose 1992, p. 45), the elders of the Indigenous Australian community pass on the stories to keep The Dreaming alive so that the young generation know where they come from. The level of family goes far beyond that of what I know where my own experience and stories only go back as far as a great grandparent telling personal accounts. Seeking further knowledge would require my own initiative and record searching through history to find my origins. The beauty of The Dreaming is the knowledge forever being passed from generation to generation going as far back as creation. The richness of the stories told and the meaning, sometimes hidden, fills me with a deep sense of respect towards the Aboriginal people. Whereas I would learn about creation through the bible when younger and then through science as I progressed through school, the retelling of Creation and Dreaming Stories keeps the history alive and in the present, which is in essence what The Dreaming is all about. Family is a large part of my life and knowing my heritage and tracing it back to where my roots started is important, but when compared to the Teachings from The Dreaming, the ancestral culture and pride of Indigenous (Australian) history holds a level of respect for

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