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Communication is an important aspect of nursing practice; it’s the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages or information through speeches, body language, writing or signal. “Basic communication skills include the use of clarification, reflection, probing, summarising and open questions.” (Doughterty et al, 2004). The following is a personal reflective assessment of my communication skills with a patient; my self assessment on my performance of the conversation will be discussed under the following four headings; initiating the session, eliciting the information, therapeutic relationship and closing the session. `

Initiating the Sessions It’s important the nurse bring a friendly atmosphere to the room and introduces herself to the patient, while maintaining patient privacy.I entered the room slowly as I felt nervous but I happily greeted the patient with a hand shake which demonstrated my professional courtesy and introduced myself as a nursing student. I closed the door behind me to maintain privacy. I feel from watching my performance on DVD I established the reason for conversation by asking the patient about herself but I cut in by saying “you’ve been admitted with lower back pain”. I feel I should have let
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I listened attentively to the patient as my performance on DVD shows I asked her free flowing appropriate questions about her back pain which were established from answers she gave me. The worse thing in communication is when a nurse doesn’t listen which I feel wasn’t a problem in my case as I feel I listened attentively as I was able to clarify information she gave about herself and her back

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