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Reflective Essay Throughout my life I have began to appreciate a lot of courses that I did not necessarily enjoy while I was in school. History gives us the ability to correlate our past and how it affects our present and future. History is one course that I never minded missing when I was in high school. Back then I probably could have went all 4 years with out taking geography, history, etc., and I would not have minded at all. I did not mind my other classes too much but the one class that I have always enjoyed is any class that involves any kind of math. Whether or not I need it in my current profession or in my future, it is a skill that I try to maintain or increase the same level of knowledge that I had when I last took a math course. Last term I took accounting and that does not involve a lot of math, but I enjoyed it just the same. However, my last time taking an actual math course was in high school, but there is no need to share how long ago that was. My first memory I have of taking a math course and loving it was in 6th grade. I never had any issues in any math course I have ever taken. I am sure there are plenty of complicated math courses out there that I have not taken, but I am always up to the challenge of increasing my knowledge when it comes to math. I am currently working towards attaining an MBA and starting a catering business. I am not sure how all the concepts yet fit into me owning a business but I realized within the first week that this class helps us as students take mathematical concepts and apply them to real life situations. My current profession is logistics and it involves but is not limited to accounting for property and equipment, ordering products, conducting inventories, analyzing operational statistic data, so forth and so on. I think it is necessary to have

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