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REFLECTIVE ESSAY BY ELIZABETH KUMAH, ADJOA MSC NURSING (INTERNATIONAL PATHWAY) 19TH FEBUARY, 2015 A RFLECTIVE PIECE ABOUT AN ASPECT OF MY JOURNEY FROM MY HOME COUNTRY (GHANA) TO THE SCHOOL OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE, TO PURSUE MASTERS IN NURSING. The reason for this essay is to reflect on my journey from my home country (Ghana) to the School of Health and Social Care in Teesside University to undertake a master program in Nursing. In agreement with professional conducts and code of ethics, I will maintain confidentiality and all names will be changed in order to protect identity. For the aim of reflection, the essay will be composed using the first person. In order to structure my reflection, I have decided to use Gibbs’ (1988) model of reflection. Gibbs’ (1988) model supports a perfect explanation of the situation, examination of thoughts, and assessment of the experience. It also provides a framework for analysis to create awareness of the knowledge acquired, and drawing conclusion with a view to reflect on what else could have been done and an action plan to determine what will be done should the situation arise again. My visa to study in the United Kingdom was issued to me a week to the beginning of my master program in nursing at the University. To ensure that I am adequately prepared for the program, I decided to give myself a week to prepare for the journey. Air travel ticket and all other arrangements were set for me to travel on the 2nd of February, which was the start date for the course. I got to the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) in Accra about an hour to the end of check-in procedures. I had three bags to check-in at the time. I knew I would be made to pay for extra luggage charges but had no knowledge about the amount because the ZW airline did not provide information as to the number of luggage a passenger is entitled to check in

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