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Draft reflective essay The reflection will focus on the video handover, one of the scenarios of the videos headed “Pregnant Stroke”, which shows the therapeutic communication between three person: the patient, the paramedic, and the nurse in the hospital. Therapeutic communication plays a significant role in the health care sittings. Arnold & Boggs (2007) pointed out that therapeutic communication can be defined as a specialised and professional communication technique in which to provide emotional support, professional education, and the empowerment of client to process the complex healthrelated problems in the clinical sittings. Within this reflective essay I will reflect on my practical knowledge and self-awareness to apply therapeutic communication skills in the nurse-client and professional relationship, helping me to improve my practical technique and recognise the importance of therapeutic communication in clinical practice. According to the video, the admission interview showed that the paramedic was transferring medical conditions of client to the nurse. At the beginning, he held client’s right hand and looked at her to tell her that he will tell the nurse about her condition. Then he introduced himself and the client to the nurse. From my personal perspective, I thought the paramedic shown empathy to the client, because he knew the client cannot speak. I believe empathy, as a form of emotional support, is extremely significant in therapeutic relationship. Decety (2012) suggested that empathy is the behaviour of understanding, responding, and sharing another person’s experiences. Personally, I felt the empathetic behaviour can build up basic connection between health professionals and patients. It is possible client will feel more ease, comfortable and relax, it may also stabilise the condition of the client. As a nursing student, I found

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