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The Principles of Marketing course has been one totally unique when compared to others. It has compelled me to face new challenges and overcome old barriers each and every day. Being an international student, English is not my first language and therefore i found this course extremely difficult. With that said I am also not the smartest pea in the pod and often find myself spending countless hours reviewing the lecture material outside the classroom. When first starting this module I had a few goals in mind. I wanted to be able to understand the key concepts of marketing which included being able to sell products to consumers by the means of advertising and promotion techniques. I wanted to enhance my communication skills, problem solving skills and ability to critically think outside the box. After finishing this module I believe I have been successful in gaining these attributes which will be the foundation of my business career. In week 20, 21, and 22 I have learnt about the various areas within marketing that play a very critical role. These areas include the international environment, social and green marketing, and managing marketing implementations. The international environment has been growing tremendously in the 21st century as consumers demand high quality products and convenience within their demographic environment. The implication of the 4 P’s of marketing mix within the international environment is crucial for determining the success of the foreign market. It was interesting how product, place, price and, promotion are the major determinants to whether or not the producers will gain profit or experience a loss. I learnt that many aspects need to be taken into consideration when analyzing a foreign market like language barriers, cultural differences, and economical statuses. These key idiosyncratic factors often implement if a product will be a

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