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CONTEXT. I am going to reflect on my final placement experience of my nursing training, I am going to reflect on this experience using the Gibb’s Cycle (1988). For reasons of confidentiality, no names will be used in this piece of work in accordance with NMC (2008) Code of Professional Conduct in maintaining confidentiality. I am going to reflect on this experience as it has helped me enhance and develop important aspects of the roles and responsibilities of a qualified nurse and also helped me with skills needed to make the transition from student nurse to a registered professional. THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. Having studied and practiced hard for three years I had acquired a vast range of skills in different health care settings. I was on my final placement working with Assertive Outreach Team (AOT), the AOT provides long term support to people with serious and enduring mental health needs, who have found it difficult to engage with mental health services, the support could be practical support and skilled interventions to deal with mental health issues. Before I started my placement I read about the AOT and skills needed to work with patients who have found it difficult to engage, I knew I possess most of the skills but having read the role of an AOT worker it dawned on me that the role stretches beyond my basic professional training and I needed to acquire these skills whilst on this placement. On my first week I had a meeting with my mentor who informed me as a final placement student, I was expected to demonstrate a high level of knowledge, understanding and application of high order of skills, not only with patients /service users but also with other team members. He informed me that towards the end of my placement I was expected to do some the visits on my own and handover the information to other team members and explained to me all the lone working policies

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