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gravity:: The force that attracts something to the core of earth. * force of gravity always equal to weight of object inertia:: an object at rest will continue being at rest and objects moving will keep moving until an outer force acts on it momentum:: Potential Energy:: energy an object has that has potential to be turned into another form of energy * for example: car parked on an incline. Kinetic Energy:: force of energy that is made by an abject while in motion * when speed is doubled and kinetic energy of your car is 4x as great * means that breaking distance is 4x great as well friction:: it is the resistance between two surfaces when in contact centripetal:: center seeking force centrifugal :: the force that pull out from the center on a body in circular motion * opposite of centripetal * increases with acceleration * **** the faster you swung a ball on a string the harder it is to hold onto because the force pulling on you are was centrifugal and increased as you went along * also known as pseudo force * not a real force but reaction of centripetal force that hold on to an object in a fixed point in rotating frame * "for every action there is and equal and opposite reaction." - the reaction would be centrifugal * when driving down hill shift to lower gear ad smoothly apply brakes * gravity help increase acceleration - potential to move too fast to keep a parked car from rolling away: * leave it in low gear or "park" if it automatic transmission * Set parking break * Position the front wheel of you car in way the car will roll away from traffic is breaks fail * the way wheels are positioned depends on being parked up hill, down hill, of by a curb * turn wheels towards a curb if you are parked up hill * if there isn’t a curb turn wheels towards shoulder * -good to put

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