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1 Nov. 2012 WRD 103 Reflective Essay Throughout the course we have covered many different aspects of the writing process. Starting off we focused on analysis of other’s writings and introspection of how those words had a strong impact on our lives. It provided a basis for us to think critically about what we are reading and what the author has intended for us to understand. Next we looked at rhetorical analysis and how the words a writer or orator uses can affect their message. Analyzing how effective the rhetors choice of words are in relation to context, message, and audience, allowed for self reflection on how we made similar choices in our own writings. Using our recently acquired knowledge of rhetoric, we learned to use our words to influence or persuade others. We considered what methods of persuasion worked best when trying to convince someone that our position is the correct one. All the knowledge and analysis methods we acquired was tied together by developing our understanding of writing process and conventions. Learning how to develop ideas into argumentative theses, and how to support that argument were crucial to creating compelling pieces of writing. Additionally learning correct formatting, quotations, and citations made our writings properly structured for academics. Learning to analyze writing and rhetoric was crucial to every aspect of the course. When it came to dissecting political rhetoric it was of utmost importance to understand the audience that the rhetor was addressing. Politics tend to be naturally divisive, and determining whether the audience will be supportive or critical of your opinions greatly shapes the words and tone of one’s message. When we watched and read speeches of various politicians it became clear how carefully words were chosen to adhere with the audience that was being addressed. When deciding which piece of

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