Reflective Essay # 2: The Case Of Benjamin

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The Case of Benjamin BSHS/442 The Case of Benjamin Advocating on an individual or groups behalf is a powerful tool that can accomplish many goals. It is those individuals who cannot acquire accurate information and contacts in the most need of advocates. An advocate makes sure that a person’s rights are pursued, and that his or her issues are eventually worked out. If an individual believes that his or her needs are not being met, obtaining an advocate may help take the steps that will sanction change on the client’s behalf. About Benjamin Benjamin is a client whom I have worked with for almost five years now. I have ensured from the very beginning of my relationship with Benjamin and his family that I would do everything I can to support his cause. Benjamin is sight impaired and has been lucky enough to prosper in mainstream public schooling. As of late…show more content…
I fear that if I cannot assist in the continuance of Benjamin succeeding within his mainstream school, this will devastate me. I also feel that I may have the potential to get short with those whom I am seeking change from if my demands are not met. This is because I have seen Benjamin grow up and as an advocate it makes me proud to know that he is excelling because of not only his hard work, but also mine as well. Conclusion Acting as someone’s advocate can bring much stress and persuasive negotiating, but will be worth the hard work in the end. There will be times when it seems that there may be no answer in sight. Having a clear agenda and actions that need to be taken will help ultimately in the direction and organization of the matter at hand. Remembering that obtaining the essential needs of clients as an advocate will keep the advocacy process on track and rewarding for all involved.
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