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Nicola Denaro Reflective Covering In my job role as Registered Manager of a Domiciliary Care Company it is important that I monitor the effectiveness of communication systems and practices. I keep records to make sure that I support people safely and most importantly in ways the Service users have said they would like to be supported. I need to be aware at all times of the communication needs of the people my company support as well as my organisation. These methods include: * Personal files * Staff communication books * Individual communication diaries * Team meetings * Supervisions and Appraisals * Quality Assurance Questionnaires This ensures that there is a consistency of information and that everyone is aware…show more content…
Supervisions and Appraisals allow me to communicate with staff members on a one-to-one basis to discuss any matters such as: * Job performance * Sickness * Issues regarding other staff * Concerns about service users * Any training they may need or be interested in Supervisions are undertaken every 3 months to enable me and staff members to communicate effectively with each other and to keep each other informed of all relevant information. Appraisals are undertaken annually to discuss the staff member’s progress over the year and that all goals set have been achieved. Quality Assurance Questionnaires enable service users and family members to communicate their opinions and thoughts of the service and the organisation. These questionnaires are completed 3 times throughout the year. There are 3 questionnaires these are as follows: 1. First Response – this questionnaire is sent out within the first month of being with the company. 2. Second Response – this questionnaire is sent out within six months of being with the company. 3. Annual Questionnaire – this questionnaire is sent out every 12

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