Reflective Account Using John@S Model

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Reflect on your presentation, giving a rationale for the model chosen.

• The evidence base for your chosen area of practice • A critical discussion about your practice in the chosen area • A critical evaluation of your presentation, including strengths and any areas you need to develop • Use a model or framework of reflection and say why you have chosen • that particular model.

The essential purpose of reflective practice is to enable the practitioner to interpret an experience in order to learn from it (Johns 1995). It is a process that involves examining individual personal thoughts and actions in daily practice (Somerville and Keeling 2004). The development of reflective review offers the practitioners a useful way to take responsibility for his or her clinical effectiveness. Johns (1995) has stated that the methods for managing quality in care needed to be devolved to the point of delivery and that this is an essential aspect of everyday practice. Reflection is used as means of exploring approaches to clinical supervision, clinical effectiveness and clinical governance, as well as reflecting on the participant’s skills. This essay describes a reflective experience while demonstrating a skill to deliver a presentation on Postoperative Care of the patient on return to ward. I will also discuss in this paper the reflective account on the evidence base for the chosen area of practice; a critical discussion about the practice in the chosen area; a critical evaluation of the presentation, including strengths and areas that needs to be developed; and a model or framework of reflection to be used.

Reflective practice in nursing is guided by models of reflection and it has been a familiar topic in nursing academic journals and the term is regularly used in professional nursing practice. However, it was not until I used Johns’

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