Reflective Account Using Boud

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The following essay is a reflective account of a given role play scenario. I will use Boud (1985 as shown in appendix one) as a reflective framework to help structure this account. Boud (1994) states that we undergo three stages of reflection before we commit to actions or outcomes. These stages are: - o First stage– Return to experience: 'going back through our experience of collaboration drawing out what we considered to be significant' (Boud et al 1994, p73) o Second stage – Attending to feelings: 'working with any feelings that had come out of it that might help or hinder reflection' (Boud et al 1994, p73) o Third Stage – Re-evaluation: 'Going on to reappraise in the light of what had arisen' (Boud et al 1994, p73). I aim to define the role of my chosen individual (MHW), examine the communication styles I used and the reasons for using this style of communication. I will also explore alternative styles of communication that could possibly achieve a different outcome. I will examine how I felt in this situation and whether I could empathise with those feelings and the behaviour type demonstrated. I will explore the theory behind communication behaviour (verbal and non verbal) and how the mental health workers behaviour impacted on the whole scenario. I shall look back on what I have learnt from the role-play in terms of communication styles, and how self-awareness and being conscious of how my actions could impact in similar situations, can impact upon effective communication and building inclusive relationships. Scenario one was decided upon within the group that consisted of three people Mother, her Daughter Jo and a member of the mental health team. Instead of assuming the roles of three friends talking during a coffee break, we decided to actually take on the roles described within the scenario that consisted of three people the Mother, who has
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