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DATE | REFLECTIVE ACCOUNT / PERSONAL STATEMENT | ASSESSMENT CRITERIA | 10/8/12 | My role as a healthcare support worker is to assist the service user in bathing, feeding, laundry, shopping, escorting to hospital, dentist and GP appointment, day centre, assisting and encouraging individuals to be more independent in doing their own things, tidying up their kitchen or bedroomSTANDARDS THAT INFLUENCE THE WAY ROLE ARE CARRIED OUT.Standard are a required level of quality, and care it has to meet certain standards. It includes:Codes of practice- it set out criteria against which providers assessed by. They also describe the standards of conduct and practice with which workers must carry out their activities and ensure that what they do is competent and consistent with the values of their employers.Regulations- are the rules which…show more content…
They are of equal importance in a professional development scenario: we need to consider our :Knowledge- what we know or do not know.Skills- how able we are at doing something or not.Practices- how we behave or perform a task.HOW WELL OWN KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND UNDERSTANDING MEET STANDARDS.We cannot move forward, if we don’t know where we are now. It’s important that you do measure or monitor your knowledge, understanding, conduct and competence. For your own personal and professional development and also for the health, safety and well being to the people you work with. To do this, you need to regularly reflect and evaluate how you compare with standards.DEMONSTRATION TO REFLECT ON WORK ACTIVITIESReflection on action, which is reflecting on an activity after it has happened. Reflecting on action allow you to learn from what has happened. Learning from experience and also can reflect on work activities whilst it is happening.SOURCES OF SUPPORT FOR LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENTIn any job role there is a range of support available to support care

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