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Reflective Account Essay

  • Submitted by: annette10
  • on May 7, 2012
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Reflective Account
Date: 26/03/12

I attempted to do my first observation from my assessment tasks, today. I am not feeling confident at all in doing that, so I had a long talk with my supervisor about observing. She helped me a lot and gave me valuable advises and shared her own experience with me, from when she was doing her first observation; I got to see some examples of observations done by my colleagues as well.   Decided to do a physical development observation first, while snack time, I asked the supervisor to observe as well and then she can more accurately give me an advise what I needed to explore more or improve. She saw it, and said it is good first observation but she will be happier if I write an observation on activity like drawing or cutting and concentrate in an area like fine motor skills or outdoor activity like driving a bicycle or jumping – gross motor skills.  
She told me I will get it, once u started practicing. We had to do a lot of procedure before I was allowed to observe any of the children. She took my picture and made it in to a poster giving the parent enough information on it as well, who were I and what I wanted to do.   There was a period of waiting, a week, before I was allowed to observe so the parents could react and express any concerns. In mean while my supervisor checked all the children folders for any ban on observation by any other then their key person. There was only 1 child that I am not allowed to observe.
Observation is part of any child work setting   and it is very important to master it, because it gives you and other professionals information on where a particular child stand in its development. I am sure that with practice I will master it. So I have decided to ask my supervisor to do occasional observations on children in my setting and ask her for her help of evaluating it.

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