Reflections on West and South Asia Essay

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Navarro, Charmaine A. January 26, 2014 BACMS-1B Asian History “Wesopotamia” After discussing it for several times already, I probably would never associate anything else with West Asia other than Mesopotamia. Aside from being one of the simplest topics under West Asia, it is also my most favorite. Being a Christian, it utterly amazes me how some of the discoveries found within this region connect with what the Bible says. For instance, the discovery of the Babylonian Empire, together with the proof, that King Nebuchadnezzar truly lived, simply astounds me. It keeps my faith in the Bible strong, knowing that, for once, science actually managed to harmonize with Scripture. To be completely candid, I kind of no longer wanted to undertake Mesopotamia again. I thought that I was already equipped with all the things I needed to know about this place. Some pride, huh? To my utter surprise, I was proven wrong—so wrong. I learned that it was here that the first global empire was built; that Archaemenid forever changed the way rulers should govern their empires. It was here that the true unification of different peoples occurred through Archaemenid’s liberalized rule. I admire the freedom he permitted his people to possess—religion and culture wise. I believe that a true leader should not really shove his own practices and beliefs down his subjects’ throats. Instead, he respects and treats them equally by providing them with, for instance, a sound place to reside in—a well governed empire. This alone helped sustain his empire for several years to come. Another thing that interests me about West Asia is the widespread of Islam through the many empires from which it

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