Reflections Of Personality

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Reflection on Personality My theory of personality is staying very consistent with what I had thought coming into this class. I believe there are many aspects to personality but do not think there is any way specifically to state where personality comes from. My theory changes from day to day as I read and learn new perspectives. I find myself believing that both the conscious and the unconscious affect our personality as well as both our genetics and our environment. I believe both affect our lives, to what degree is the key point in any theory, including my own. Many combinations of events in a person's life, starting from birth shape a person’s personality. I believe that some of a person’s personality can change although there are some aspects that cannot change. Personality is a complex combination of characteristics that makes each of us unique. Personality theories differ when discussing the role of the conscious and the unconscious and how they affect ones actions and thoughts. I believe both have a role; however, the conscious has a larger role than the other. Freud believed that “our thoughts and memories are repressed in the unconscious” (Schultz & Schultz, 2009, p. 479). Not all thoughts and memories are part of our unconscious because if we continue to think about them, they are in our conscious instead. If the memories are not important or possibly very traumatic, we can repress them into our unconscious until we choose to bring them forward into our conscious thoughts again. Levesque, Copeland & Sutcliffe (2008) indicate “the common perception that conscious processes that are controlled and intentional are mostly good, and nonconscious processes that lack deliberation are mostly bad” (p. 218). Freud placed a large emphasis on the unconscious, believing that directs our behavior. His interpretation involved the unconscious as the

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