Reflections Of Course In English 11

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Throughout my 11th grade English year I have many advantages that I’ve gained throughout the whole year. I’ve not only learned how to keep myself organized I also keep my writing pieces organized to. When I first entered English 11 the main disadvantages that I have were being able to adapt to the responsibilities and all the sacrifices I was making in order for me to be successful. I’ve grown better as a reader, writer and thinker because becoming more mature plays an important role such as actually caring about what I am writing about and I putting more effort then I use to. Being able to do certain projects like the American Dream poster, made me realize how much excitement I have to become a nurse and start my life down the right road. In English 11 I wrote various essays that were difficult to write about and some essays that I wrote were interesting but it was very hard for me to explain what I meant in my essay to my teacher. I would have so much to say that I wouldn’t be able to say it in a correct sentence and actually say what I meant intelligently. For an example one book that caught my interest quickly was The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. I have so many thoughts and so many opinions about the main character Holden Caulfield that it was extremely hard for me to state my opinions in my reading log neatly. We had a discussion called the, “Fish Bowl,” when everyone went to the center of the room when they have a statement or an opinion about a certain chapter in the book. That discussion was very easy for me to be able to express my thoughts and opinions about Holden and other certain events that occurred in the book. Being able to speak out clearly makes me able to write my essays more clear because then it flows nicely doesn’t sound choppy and short. This years English 11 course has taught me so much. It is a great accomplishment for me to be
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