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Keith Vaughn Aesthetics “Reflections” The creative project I decided on was a drawing using dry media. I chose to use charcoal and colored pencils to create a self portrait. I call my piece of art “Reflections”. In this paper I will discuss the elements of art I used in creating this piece of artwork, the creative process that led me to completing the project, and my overall feelings and thoughts of the project. “Reflections” again is a self portrait I drew by looking at my own reflection in a mirror. I started off with focusing on the light and shadows on my face. I used bold lines to exaggerate some of my facial features. I used short choppy lines to invoke the sense of chaos in my life. I used vertical lines to reinforce the fact that I was the only one that had control of bringing focus back in my life. The contrast between the lights and shadows aide in the overall balance of the piece. I wanted the viewer to focus on the drawing of myself so I deliberately did not draw any other solid objects to take away from the drawings main focal point. I wanted the background to be an almost dream like state of me looking at myself through the mirror. When I first started to try to figure out what I was going to do my project on thousands of ideas rushed through my head. This was the first time in fifteen years that I have even let my creative side come to the forefront. I started drawing sketches of everything that came in my mind, the kids, the dog , my wife of course she said no way, the furniture. However nothing was really giving me the satisfaction I was looking for. I have always thought that a piece of art had to be perfect if I was drawing an apple it had to look like an apple. However through the class I realized in art things did always have to look like what conventional society thought it look like but more how the artist viewed it in their

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