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Psychodynamic Therapy Self-Reflection Paper In the last couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to look back and analyze the events that have shaped my life. This has been a unique experience that has enabled me to look at the emotional vulnerabilities existing within my life. Meaning, I was able to objectively revisit many events that were repressed and too painful to visit. I was able to free myself from the trauma of emotional fears of failure, anger, regret, anxiety and loneliness which often clouded my perceptions. After many years of individual and group psychotherapy, I am now able to reflect on the many pleasant and unpleasant events in my life, with more comfort and confidence. After much self-reflection, I am able to accept that circumstances or events are a part of life, regardless of whether it was a good or bad experience. I understand that life transpires even when we are not prepared for it; but most importantly I have learned coping strategies in order to deal with some of life’s challenges. My life has been a journey filled with challenging experiences, which consist of some unfixable actions, like leaving home. I grew up in an authoritarian, an emotional and physically abusive environment where personal expression and freedom did not exist. Since I can remember, there was constant pressure for me to perform. Over the years the burden of not being able to convey my feelings and endless demands, grew into anger and retaliation toward my parents. Attending College three states away from my parents enabled me to mature as an individual and to understand and experience a life that I never thought possible. However, I continue to be plagued with quilt regarding my inability to express my sadness and pain to my parents. This quilt around a sense of responsibility regarding the abuse I

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