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Reflections Film American Beauty by Sam Mendes is filled with different kind of symbols and themes. Main character Lester has many meaningful reflections in this film, as well as many scenes where he is trapped behind windows and cubical rooms. It’s symbolizing his unhappy life full of stressful situations in work, between him, his daughter and wife. Trying to figure out why did his life turned into this chaos he begins to enjoy the beauty of it and is thankful for every minute of his short lifetime. Right in the beginning of the movie we can observe various images of Lester enclosed within different frames. First image shows Lester behind shower door glass, following by scene of Lester behind framed glass window looking at his wife. Both give us an impression of imprisonment, or feeling of unwanted life. Next setting takes place inside the car, where Lester is trapped in the back seat from the outside world. All these images capture Lester’s confusion and inability or unwillingness to resolve his family issues. Following scene takes place at Lester’s work where we can observe the first image in a cubical little office, showing reflection of his face in a frame of a monitor screen. It is also an image of his life, where it symbolizes his unhappiness. At the end of the day when Lester approaches his house, we can observe his uncertainty when he stops to think for a second and looks back as like he wants freedom and get out of the house. All these come down to one and only feeling of deep confusion and lost hope. Big turning point in Lester’s character we see, when he is in the garage behind two windows. He is looking at his reflection in the window taking off his clothes and working out, while Ricky is filming him secretly from the next house. This is symbolizing a change in Lester’s lifestyle. We see his character breaking free, starting to build confidence

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