Reflection Report

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------------------------------------------------- REFLECTION REPORT Question Attempted: ------------------------------------------------- The importance of becoming a reflective engineer has been emphasised throughout this course, as covered in the textbook on pages 117-­‐120. Learning from experiences and building capacity for the future is essential. INTRODUCTION As a potential engineer, we should have fully understanding about what engineers do, the challenges they face and the constraints they work under, which is one of the most important reasons why we should learn this subject Professor Ron Johnston told us during the first lecture. Meanwhile, professional engineering can help us to learn what the employers of engineers want. Significant as the subject is, I did not realize the benefits I have learned form it until the course is close to the end. The major learning I achieved throughout the course, the skills I have learned and the problems that I have faced will be stated in following paragraphs. The major learning I achieved throughout the course and the skills I have learned Before I learn the course, I have no idea about the principles and processes of professional engineering, including social, economic and environmental aspects and let alone to immerse myself in the practical application of these principles and processes through structured educational experiences. The skills to develop a working knowledge of the professional engineer’s toolkit is also an important benefit professional engineering gave me. The 60% teamwork need to be pointed out, because I have enhanced my communication skills, practiced my skills of problem identification, formulation and solution and especially learned how to make a team work effectively. Key concepts and practices introduced by a series of lectures As a freshman, I have no idea about the Gantt
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