Reflection On Presentation on Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony 2008

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When Madam Jenny gave us the task as soon as she came in the class on 11th of September 2008, I was kind of blanked. Our topic was Communication Through Words in Beijing Olympics Ceremony, and I could hardly recall any examples of the use of words as a medium of communication throughout the ceremony although I had watched the DVD before. My group consisted of Affandi, Syafiqa and I. This was the first time I be in the same group with Syafiqa, and I was a bit worried whether I could work well with her as a group. Unfortunately, she was sick and hence, absent on the day when we were supposed to watch the opening ceremony in class together. So, with only Affandi and I left in our group, we did our best to pay full attention during the 2-hour video show. At the end of the DVD presentation, Affandi and I combined the notes of our observations. Affandi had nothing much to say, as those few examples shown, particularly the words written in Chinese characters, required the analysis or interpretation from someone who is elite in Chinese language and culture. (I guess that’s one of the reasons why Madam Jenny tried to make sure every group had at least one Chinese) Hence, it’s not surprising that I was the one who decided on which examples were suitable to be analysed and elaborate on. Finally, three of us met up one afternoon to do the presentation slides. First, we defined the topic of our presentation, “Communication through Words” with the help of dictionary. Then, we moved on to the 3 slides which we had to include the examples. After discussing, we decided to focus on 3 main examples, which were Giant Digits formed by Fou Drummers, Concept of “和”-“Harmony” and a interesting fact on the order of the teams' entry for the parade which was determined by the number of strokes in the first character of their respective countries' Simplified Chinese names. Firstly, we

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