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Crystal Gartner PSY 265 Axia College of University of Phoenix August 31, 2008 My life has changed dramatically since discovering the lessons learned in this course. I have found many ways to fix problem areas in my own life with my relationships. Before taking this class my life was going downhill with no incline in sight. Since taking this course I have found new ways to solve relationship problems and how to have a better approach on myself. When this class started I was at a point where I could care less if my husband and I fell apart or worked things out. We have been together for a little over four years and married for three. He is bi-polar and has severe manic episodes. He has emotionally, physically, and verbally abused…show more content…
I have not been able to see outside the box until I took this class. I found that there are other ways to cope with this kind of problem. I have found that there are many ways people experience sexual identity. I found this in my own life by just being myself. I seemed to have found love in my life that I can never forget. My husband has given me some of the most memorable moments in my life. We have had committed love and we have had empty love. I now am trying to find a way to get back to the kind of love that is…show more content…
I also need emotional support and a man that is passionate about me. My husband needs not only emotional support he needs encouragement and praise. I have not been able to give him this due to the fact that all I was seeing is what he has done to me. I now see the whole picture. I am willing to put forth effort and make our marriage succeed. With the lessons I have learned in this class I hope to be able to one day speak to other couples about similar problems. Before this class I would have decided to move on to the next. After this class, I do not wish to make decisions on whom to have sex with ever again. There is too much out there for that decision. The environmental and historical perspectives on my sexuality are I believe in the Bible. I feel like the right way is a male and female together. I have friends that are gay and lesbian. I do not judge them for whom they choose to be. I know my choices are right for me but may not be right for others. I will always remember everything about this class. I even bought the book so I will always have the book for a

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