Reflection Paper Psy 220 Week 1

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Amy Perez June 6, 2012 Psy /220 Central Theme: Love Love is an emotion that many people crave because it brings us happiness. It gives us the feeling of completeness. Evolution psychologist stated that social bonds not only bring happiness, they are the single most important factor responsible for the survival of our species (Birchfield, 2003). I have chosen to assess my relationship with my husband. We have had a close relationship for the past 1 year and 3 months. We have had different situations come up during this time together but we manage to solve every problem that hit us. My husband is getting ready to deploy this month and now it is causing us anxiety, we are trying to deal with the deployment with ease. I know that we will have some problems while he is away because of lack of communication. One of the strategy that I feel will be of using is, Carve out time to talk. Since my husband will be deployed oversea I know that it will be very hard for us to talk. We have to try to take time out to communicate with each other expressing our thoughts about different situations to keep our relationship strong. If we do not communicate or take the time out to talk then our relationship will struggle. We will not be able to show affection through…show more content…
Even though we are miles apart it is still important to discuss important things together. We should not make a decision without consulting the other first. We both have different viewpoints in different situations and we both handle it differently. To avoid any problems later down the road it is best to talk through the problem with one another. I feel this is respecting each other’s opinion, and it will also keep our relationship strong. Everyone wants to feel respected whether it is their opinions or if it is respect for the other half. We should be able to provide that in a
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