Reflection Paper on Machiavelli; the Prince

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MEMORANDUM ------------------------------------------------- The Department of Business at St. Gregory's University To: Jannah Zubaidi From: Badi Nathanaël Date: 01/17/2013 ------------------------------------------------- Re: Reflection paper on Machiavelli; the prince ------------------------------------------------- Machiavelli dedicated his life to analyze the institution of power, its exercise and its maintenance over time. This political thinker reflects on the psychology and morality of the politician remains marginal to movement of the Renaissance and the Reformation. Yet it is very necessary to study him when you want to know more about the beginnings of modern politics. If a leader is loved, he will realize good things, it will encourage his subjects or subordinates to excel, to strive for the welfare of the kingdom, the country, or the company. But, only when their personal situation will be safe and sound. At the slightest sign of danger, and much personal danger to their own lives or their comfort, all those men who love their sovereign will turn against him and will not hesitate to betray him. While the fear of their sovereign, if it is more important than the fear of danger, will prevent betraying. If the prince is a tyrant, he can almost always be sure that the external danger is less frightening than his authority, he will be respected. But do not forget that it should be both. The prince should make himself feared in such a way that it cannot get love, he escapes hatred. In fact, it is better to be loved and feared, and it cannot be loved, that his subjects so afraid of him, it is imperative that they escape the hate: the prince must remain within the certain limits (respect the private property of citizens and their wives) especially not to be hated, which would destroy his authority even faster. But, these issues
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