Reflection Paper on Informational Interview

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Reflection paper Interviewee: Name The name of interviewee is Ronda Stevens Degree, License and Professional Membership She is graduated with Master of Social Work (MSW) degree and is a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (LMHP). She is also a member of National Association of Social Workers (NASW) in the United States. Designation Her designation at work place is a Counselor and Coordinator Place of Employment She is full time employed with a Counseling and Student Development Center at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha for last 26 years. It was a great pleasure to openly interact with enthusiasm during this interview on September 3, 2013 from 10.50 a m to 12.25 p m in her office, where she gladly welcomed me. Clients Students, residents and some times faculty of UNMC are the primary clients she is dealing with. She also counsels individuals and couples for personal and relationship issues in the private practice outside her office work. Work responsibilities Conducting counseling sessions for individual students and student groups, residents and some times for faculty on academic and personal issues and concerns mostly by appointments but walk in for emergencies as well. When not with the clients, she uses to spend time on reading, case planning, studying for taking credits in continuing education, and other office work such as some paper work and file keeping, etc. She coordinates counseling sessions on stress management and mindfulness both on UNMC campus and in her private practice. She has also joined study groups in her private professional practice. She is actively involved in attending seminars, workshops, conferences, short training programs, and sharing case studies and related professional experiences with other participants.
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