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Nyjae Sylvester Criminal Justice February 25, 2015 Reflection Paper In the article, “This Is America, As It Is”, Al Letson is telling his stories about how his father had to tell him how to behave in front of police. How he had to tell his son how to behave in front of police. How Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Darrien Hunt and John Crawford were all unarmed black men who were all killed by police. None of these men cases were served justice. He was saying that the justice system is not working and needs to be fixed immediately. I personally hate to hear another one of our black men has been taken from this earth because of a trigger happy white cop or to hear that the system has failed African- Americans AGAIN! To have my thoughts drift to thinking, “what if that was one of my brothers?” I want this system to be better for my black people. My grandmother would always tell me and my other brother, “the system can’t fail those it was never designed to protect”. Letson says, “Each time a new tragedy happens, I feel that pressure in my chest, a pain that is equal parts anger, fear and helplessness”. I totally agree because those are my same feelings when hearing about yet another tragedy happening to African-Americans. I think it is sad for parents to have to sit their child down and tell them how to act when they encounter a policeman. I have many fears for my little brothers growing up in this world. I feel as though they are not promised life. They have so many odds against them and I have seen so many young black men fall to those odds. I don’t want my brothers to be one those people, I don’t want no more young black men to fall to those odds. In Kriston Capps article, “8 Ways to Get Serious About Police Reform”, the three reforms I really took a liking to was, “Bring Back the FBI Data on Police-Involved

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