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PERSONAL COLLEGE EXPERIENCES 1 Personal College Experiences Audra Lovelace Columbia College PERSONAL COLLEGE EXPERIENCES 2 Abstract This paper discusses four questions that reflect upon my undergraduate studies taken while at Bennett College during my matriculation from 2008-2011. Additionally, I will address my education goals at Bennett College while seeking a Masters in Higher Education Administration. This paper will examine the following questions: * In what ways did you differ at graduation from the person you were upon first enrolling in college? * To what experiences do you attribute these changes (both in and out of class)? * What events or experiences contributed most significantly to these changes during college? * What conclusions can you draw in summarizing the developmental journey of your own college experience? PERSONAL COLLEGE EXPERIENCES 3 As I look and reflect back upon my goals from when I first applied to the Bachelor of Organizational Management program at Bennett College in the fall of 2008, I see how my comfort level with working at an institution of higher learning has greatly increased. I feel I am now much more effective relating to and working with diverse students because I was a student myself. Using technology every day at work and in school, in addition to paying all bills online, has helped me to develop technology skills and a comfort level with technology that I now see as one of the main achievements I have obtained over the past four years. Becoming comfortable with technology was not an original goal I had listed when I first enrolled at Bennett College and when I originally submitted my goals statement, but I can now see the benefits that obtaining knowledge and confidence in technology has brought me and will continue to bring me in my career. I now understand the

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