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Reflection Paper

  • Submitted by: apkqt05
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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Reflection Paper Week 8
Keiser University
PSY 501

Dishonesty is something a person does whether they believe it or not. Even simple things such as a person thinking they’re borrowing something and not returning it, instead of actually telling a blunt lie or stealing. There are two types of dishonesty such as robbers plotting to rob a bank or the second one is when a person thinks they are borrowing something such as borrowing a pen from your boss or insurance claims and exaggerating the price by a little. When we have the option to cheat, most people will take the option and cheat. Ariely perform an experiment with students with doing a questionnaire, the first group can do their answers and then someone looks over them and tells them what they got and then they win money for however many questions they got right. The second group can destroy their paper work and tell the person how many they had got right without showing their worksheet. Well, of course the second group lied more because they had the option too, when money was involved it was a motive and a chance was given. Ariely (2009) states that when we are removed from benchmarks of ethical thought, we tend to stray into dishonesty. But when a person is reminded of their morality, then a person is much more honest about their decision. We also can think of another scenario, you need to purchase something and you don’t have the money and you are at work, and the petty cash is available, would you take the cash or would you figure out another way to purchase what you needed too? Some people would think that it would be okay to just borrow a few dollars; I mean they think at that time they are going to return the money so it wouldn’t matter. But in reality, petty cash is for a place of employment not for your leisure. When we look at the world around us, much of the dishonesty we see involves cheating that is one step removed from cash (Ariely, 2009). Another experiment that Ariely performed was that he...

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