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Reflection Self-reliance is to believe in oneself. In “Self Reliance,” by Emerson explains how one should express his or her thoughts and not reject them because of others. I believe every individual should apply this concept to his or her life. There are laws in society that one has to follow but that does not mean ones opinion on something is wrong or right. Whether he or she thinks religion should not be taught in school does not imply that the other individual is wrong because he or she believes religion should be taught in school. Who is this individual to say he or she is right or wrong for having an opinion? Excluding that he or she stills has to go to school, because it is the law, regardless of his or her opinion. When I first came to the United States of America, at age seven, I thought I had to adapt to everyone else; I later acknowledge I had the power of freedom and that my opinions are equally right as any other individual’s opinion. When I was a kid, I watched cartoons and played with cars. Didn’t everyone? At the time it seemed like it and no one would judge me on whether I liked the green car better than the red car. As I grew I realized not everyone thinks the same. My peers were always trying to persuade me to like the things they did. Sure is easy to tell myself one thing, but difficult to stick to my beliefs when others tell me I am wrong. Having self-reliance is the ability to be myself without the consent of pleasing others. My friend liked to play basketball and always told me it was the best sport and that it had the brightest future. In the other hand, I had a passion for playing soccer. I have experienced and tested self-reliance by not following what he said was best. I did what I thought was best for me and continued playing soccer. This taught me a valuable lesson not to let others influence me. Throughout life experiences I have

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