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This week’s reflection paper discusses the issue of contract administration and the affects contracts have on businesses. All team members are in agreement that contracts are legal and binding between all parties involved. While most of the team members do not conduct business using a contract the team agreed that contract administration is a document that helps develop clear and succinct performance to be completed within a certain time frame, on a certain date and outlines the work to be completed along with costs. The contract allows for a measurement of the work to be performed by the contractor. The document also allows for a mutual understanding of the requirements at hand. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, per se. One member is not involved in the actual contract management stage however is instrumental in executing the contract and ensuring that all performances are met with regard to the statement of work and the pricing. While some of the team members are not involved in the actual outlining of the contract nor the execution it is agreed upon that contract administration supports that the end users are satisfied with the services performed by the contractor and that deadlines and costs have been adhered to. Most of the team are not involved in the actual contract administration process; however there may be a plan in place that we may not necessarily know about. Most agree that we have been on the receiving end of a poorly administered contract and have witnessed the extra costs of either delayed services or having to call back a contractor to finish a half-done

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