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Reflection Paper

  • Submitted by: gracemarie18
  • on February 6, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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HUM 2250
Reflection Paper #1
February 5th, 2012

Dreams are one of life’s most fascinating and a mystery. We really cannot explain why we dream but we know that we have nightmares and dreams. We can learn a lot from our dreams if we just pay attention. Understanding a dream to me is your own personal beliefs. Some believe that dreams are understood by either your religion or psychics. Some people believe that dreams are God talking or warning you and others think it is your soul speaking to you.
Dreams for me are hard to remember on a daily basis. Dreams   from my past and some from my present are hard to recall but when I have a dream that I can remember vividly it normally impacts my life in a certain way. I can recall a few years back I surrounded myself with a group of girls that only talked about losing weight, changing themselves and how they did not like themselves. I got to the point where looking at myself was making me find things that I did not like and made me get to a depression because I wanted to be a certain way. I would go to my church every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday as usual but just pray that I would be able to change myself. I got to the point where I wanted to get liposuction. I was excited at the fact that I was finally going to be a “Barbie” look-alike.
All I did was think about it until one night I had a dream that one of the girls that I used to hang out with had a tattoo of a fish on her stomach and that’s where she was getting operated and when the doctor went to do the procedure the fish tattoo just got bigger and bigger but the knife cut done deeper and deeper. I woke up and just started to cry and pray because to me being a religious person that was God’s sign of warning me about what I was thinking of doing. The dream to me meant God stopping me from doing the procedure because I was already made to his perfection. I sat for a moment and started to think about what it was that I saw and I thought that the fish...

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