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Elmira Usmonova LBC-Reflection Paper Professor: Don Williams The Global Interconnection of People. I had a great opportunity to have my “Learn beyond the Classroom” experience at an agency that deals with so many aspects that were covered during the World Geography course. The World Geography course introduced me to how the discipline of geography makes sense of the world, its different people, places, and regions. The presentation and explanation of many fascinating facts of the world were made through the learning of physical and human geography, interrelations of the world’s regions and cultures, global awareness and environmental concerns. Central to this disciplinary perspective was an emphasis on the ways in which people and places interact across space and time to produce particular outcomes. A significant portion of the course centered on the physical processes that shapes patterns in the physical environment; the characteristics of major land forms, the climates and ecosystems and their interrelationships. This course also explored important key issues shaping our world today. Each of the articles assigned to be read during our studying covered many important subjects and offered a unique perspective on the process of globalization. The technological innovations, the spread of political and economic ideologies and the movement of people and goods across the globe have made most contemporary problems and solutions global in nature. Therefore, it would be impossible to understand the contemporary configuration of global connections without first appreciating their historical roots. In order to fully understand them, most of the lectures addressed important issues in a way that highlighted its historical roots, its local experience, and the global processes that shaped it. The World Geography course helped me a lot in

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