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Reflection Paper

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Roshan Patel
Comm 1313 Sec 029
Brittney Lee
Reflection Paper
In chapter 20 the use of presentation aids in a speech is explained. The chapter tells the function, the different types, and the options for displaying presentation aids. The function of presentation aids is to help the listener process and retain information, promote interest, convey information concisely, and enhance and image of professionalism. A variety of presentation aids include objects, model, pictures, graphs, charts, video, audio, and multimedia. The options for displaying presentation aids are overhead transparency like slide transparencies, chalkboards, and handouts; and computer generated graphics like projection or LCD displays.

In chapter 21 the designing of presentation aids for a speech is explained. After selecting the types of presentation aids and deciding a method of display, its time to design and construct the presentation aids. Designing a presentation aid has a few rules: keeping the aid simplistic, having continuity, typeface style and font size, and use of colors. Keep a presentation aid simplistic by presenting one major idea per aid. Applying the same design to each aid forms continuity. Also using large easy to read style of lettering and wise colors makes the aids more comfortable to read.

In chapter 22 the use of presentation software is explained. Presentation software, like Microsoft PowerPoint, offers speakers a powerful tool for creating and displaying visual aids. Other types of software include Google Docs and Zoho Show. All presentation programs can display directly from a computer via LCD panel or projector, also display overhead transparencies using an overhead projector. Keep in mind that you are giving a speech and no a slide show when designing the presentation aids. Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to generate slides containing text, artwork, photos, charts, graphs, clip art, video, and sound. The more you use presentation software the more...

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