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I. Introduction Throughout this course we have discussed a variety of topics, all important and relevant to becoming well versed in theology. For this assignment we were asked to reflect upon just three of these many topics, the three that stood out and had a significant importance to each of us as individuals. I decided to elaborate on the following topics; “Did Jesus claim to be God”, “How can we be confident that Jesus is returning”, and “what can your local church do to better communicate God’s love to your community”. In the body of my essay I will elaborate further on the specific reasoning of these topics, as well as my own views and opinions. II. Section One According to our Core Christianity textbook, and the Bible, Jesus claims to have supernatural origins, and he also states that he is the creator of the world in John 1:1-3. These statements when I first read them were confusing to me. I am a Christian who has always believed God created the universe, and in many places in the bible it says this. It was not until I read the online piece “The Deity of Christ”, that I really understood. In “The Deity of Christ”, it states that “Jesus is the second member of the trinity, equal with the father in nature yet submissive in duty”. After reading this it made complete since. That one word equal, Jesus and God are equal yet Jesus is submissive to duty. This was an excellent way of explaining it. At the core of Christianity is the belief that god came to earth. The Bible teaches that Jesus is not a created being like he angels, but is the very creator of the universe. The original question states, “Did Jesus Claim to be God”, yes. The New Testament reveals that, in accordance with his fathers will, Jesus temporarily set aside his power and glory to become a tiny helpless baby. Jesus clearly claimed to be the Messiah and Son of God, Jesus told the

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