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Reflection on Reading Essay

  • Submitted by: shainaly
  • on May 23, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Reflection on Reading" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Reading (process) is a way of receiving a message or idea through letters and symbols. It is a very complex, yet simple, cycle of communication between the author and the reader. The transmitter (in this case author) encodes (writes) an idea that he or she wants to make knowledgeable to the receiver (reader); the receiver decodes the message that has been send by the transmitter.   That was what I learned in Fundamentals of Communications class, while studying Tele-Radial Communications at the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo.   What is complex about it is that not every time the readers get to visualize what the author really meant for them to know.   The author’s message is often misinterpreted; therefore, the decoding is unsuccessful.  
To fully be able to interpret the author’s massage, one must be a good reader. But, how can we describe a good reader? In my opinion, a good reader must be opened minded and creative.   Imagination, if you ask me, is the key to enjoy reading. That’s why reading is good for you, it makes you think, create and imagine. A good reader should also focus on the piece he or she is reading. Paying attention to every word and detail is quite important; to miss a word could give a whole new meaning to a sentence.   I, for instance, consider that I have these qualities; focus, good imagination, open to different perspectives and new knowledge.
People have different reasons for reading; some read because it is needed in order to be able to perform a task, some read to improve their skills (cooking skills, repairing skills, etc.) and some read for fun. The reason I read is because I like to; it’s my favorite thing to do. When I read, it’s like leaving this world and entering a whole new different reality. It’s the closest thing to teleporting. It opens your mind and exercises your creativity.
Even though I read for pleasure, I sometimes find myself reading for school assignments during the semester. Some books are interesting some are...

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