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崔禾 现代散文欣赏 09 November 2011 Reflection on Once More to the Lake The first time I contacted E.B White’s work was during the period I was in junior high school. It is an novel named Charlotte's Web, from which I am still impress by his concise and lively writing style. Today when I turned over this essay, through the familiar writing style, I found his reflections to the time passing and nature remained. In the whole passage, we can see the author compared the lake past with now over and over again. In the second paragraph, the author started to wonder “the tarred road would have found it out”. Turn to look the forth paragraph, he said “I was right about the tar: if led to within half a mile of the shore.”, which seems to make him somewhat upset. Then he realized the lake was almost the same as before. We could perceive the delight in his heart by the three words “I knew it”, and the following long poetic sentence described his old memory. In the seventh paragraph, even the changed of track road bothered him. What’s more? He felt less exciting when their arrival loses shouts and cries of campers. The most important, he found “the only thing was wrong now, really, was the sound of the place”. He completely denied the outboard motors by using the words “jarred”, ”nervous” and “whined”. On the contrary, he represented the sound of inboard motors as a “sedative”, an “ingredient of summer sleep.” Among all these compares, E.B White sometimes mix up the reality and the memory. It is the use of montages For instances, he felt living a dual existence when he fished with his son. In eleventh paragraph, the author used vivid description:” I had trouble making out which I was I, the one walking outside, the one walking in my pants.” Or in the end of the essay, the author started to feel the way his son felt, he seem to confuse himself with his son. Like the

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