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I attended an NA meeting at the St. Edward’s Episcopal Church in Bon Air, VA. When I first entered the room, I received a very warm welcome from many of the people. The room was filled with about 40 people; the ratio to women to men was pretty even. The majority of the people in attendance were white with a few African-Americans and Hispanics; this was not surprising to me at all. One thing that did grab my attention was the diversity of ages; there were older, middle aged and young adults. After the initial readings, all newcomers were asked to introduce themselves; at this point I became very anxious because I was just an observer and was not sure what to do. Anyhow I introduced myself as an observer and received a very warm welcome. The people in the meeting all appeared to be healthy and if I saw them in public would never think they were addicts. The speaker of the meeting, who I would say was about 20 years old, discussed when her addiction started and progressed to when she finally realized she was an addict. She shared the process of working the 12 steps and the challenges she faced. Her story was a very emotional one for me, I could not believe all she had suffered and endured at such a young age. If I…show more content…
I came away with a better understanding of addiction and the people who are affected by it. I also realized that you can really ever cure addiction and recovery you take day by day; it is a lifelong process. I do wonder if the people who have success with the program have some sort of religious awakening, since the program has a religious aspect to it. In both meetings the core messages seemed to be the same. The meetings were both extremely focused about priorities and personal growth. One difference I did notice was that the AA meeting seems to choose a specific topic and stuck to it, whereas the NA meeting seemed to be a bit more

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