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Reflection on Diversity Essay

  • Submitted by: moneyton
  • on December 2, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Reflection on Diversity

I choose to do it on “explore a time when you felt like "other" – when you were made to feel invisible, excluded, or too visible.” I will relate this to my experiences in high school. The reason for high school is because it really shaped my intake on life. In 2008 we had gotten our first African-American-Muslim president, and this was a real eye open for me because of the way people acted.
To start off, before Obama became president, it was talked about so much. First black person to run for president! I had no issue about people voting either way, as long as they made sense. Students including myself would debate this issue. I was in support of McCain for many reasons including being a veteran. This made me “visible,” because I’m white and did not want Obama to win; I’m a “racist.” I paid close attention to this and realized something. Every white person I asked, no matter who they wanted to win gave me a valid reason why they wanted that candidate to win. All the black people I asked just said “because he’s black.” To me that is justignorant, and put a bad taste in my mouth so to speak. Relating it back to the “glass ceiling,” if I had an employees under me and I overheard that, I would not let them get a promotion simply for the ignorance.
In more recent events, the Treyvon Martin case. A kid gets killed and everyone cry’s racism. I’m not saying it was murder or not. I’m just saying it is not racism. Another event I was a “racist” about. The shooter was white and Hispanic. I brought up the facts to people about how the kid was a criminal, drug dealing gang member. It was all facts and yet I’m the racist. Black kids in Florida a few years ago ran into a house call the white people “Hunkies” and burnt them alive in their own homes, but it wasn’t racist. Yet when I talk about it, I’m a social outcast.
Culture diversity is trying to make everybody equal, but it’s not. I feel that everyone needs to be educated more. A person living...

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