Reflection on Child and Youth Care Work

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TITLE: A REFLECTION ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CHILD AND YOUTH CARE PROFESSION. ‘’The child in need of care is not a new phenomenon”, (K Beukes & B Gannon 1996). The problem of what to do with underprivileged children has existed throughout history. The history of Child and Youth Care dates back in the days in the days when children were oppressed by adults and were seen as “evil beings”. Many changes has taken place throughout the centuries on how children are seen. There are also people who also made the Child and Youth Care possible in history such as Charles Dickens, Gisela Pieper Konopka, Jane Adams, Fritz Redl, Jean Rousseau, to the Medieval mention only but just a few. During and Renaissance times and the Industrialisation period the infant rate was very high. This was due to child neglect and ignorance for child needs. During this period, there was harsh treatment for children and was more severe for children at the age of seven as it was believed that childhood seized at that age (Beukes & Gannon, 1996). Beukes and Gannon also points out that children were recognised for their economic worth and that many children were exploited for their labour, thus child labour and stealing for this purpose was not uncommon. Poor children were moved to mils and mines and worked for twenty hours a day. Discipline was brutal. In the 20th century Ellen Key wrote “The Century of the child” and it is true that this century has been one which recognised children as children and has seen the most important developments in child care (Beukes & Gannon, 1996). In America children had lived in alms-house and in jails with adults but by the first quarter of the 19th century nearly all states had legislation authorising the courts to remove neglected children from their parents and commit them to some place of care. The modern days is known as the deinstitutionalisation phase
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