Reflection On Aldo Leopold

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Reflection of “The Land Ethic” - Manuel Soto “Land is not merely soil but a fountain of energy flowing through a circuit of soils, plants, and animals. Food chains are living channels which conduct energy upward; death and decay return it to the soil.” The quote is from Aldo Leopold’s “The Land Ethic”. Ethics, as we know them, are differentiations of social from antisocial conduct. Ecologically, Ethics are limitations on freedom of action in the struggle for existence. Aldo Leopold’s “The Land Ethic” is an article addressing concerns on the liberties we have taken with the biotic community and our lack of obligation to the land. It is an attempt to awaken society to their role as conquerors of the land and a step in making us citizens of it instead. He begins by describing to us the actions of the Greek Hero Odysseus to slave girls and how our current ethics have evolved to protect individuals in our Community. Leopold states: the complexity of Co-Cooperative mechanisms has increased with population density. That is to say that the more members we have in our community (people) the more complex our ethics and tools become as a way to cope with the increase in population in a way that keeps the individuals happy For instance; the golden rule or Democracy’s integration of social organization to the individual. The next process of evolution in ethics is to include the soil, water and animals of the planet. He explains the importance of this step by describing what the land does for us and what the land is and describes history as being shaped by the resources we seek on the land. There are many consequences to our actions and Leopold names a few as a catalyst for a land ethic as he describes it. For example, regions grazed by livestock causes plant recession, erosion, and further plant recession. Our economic motivations of the land of are particular interest and
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