Reflection On A Collaborative Piece Of Work

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Reflection: Although we did not really consider the aesthetics of our work, we definitely wanted our box to look aesthetically, like an ancient relic. I think that we did fulfill our intention simply because of the style we worked in, drawing ideas from the Ming dynasty and trying to imitate certain aspects from it. Doris Salcedo worked with putting skin over shoes, so it seems like a opaque layer over the shoes, giving a ghostly view. I remembered her work on the day and drew from it, the creepy, ghostly atmosphere of her work and tried to incorporate it into our work by including some 'creepy' elements into our box, such as the vial of blood and the bloody stockings hanging over the box. We chose to use a very Chinese colour scheme, yellow, red, brown, black and blue. All these colours are used in Chinese art, fabrics etc. so we knew for certain that this colour scheme would work well. We definitely selected from our ideas, such as what 'medicine' to include in our box and our decisions were mainly influenced by, once again, the Ming dynasty and what we thought would be from that dynasty and whether they were cohesive as a whole. We also chose them through their aesthetic value, discarding modern medicine and using tea and chinese pills simply because they looked more authentic. Another example would be when we were choosing our box, as we had to scrimmage around and select from a whole range of things. We used selection and restraint for a couple of reasons, mainly because we did not want our train of thought and inspiration to go too far and get out of hand. This made sure that we stayed on task and made our box into a whole instead of several different vials put together. After putting all the vials into place, we felt that the box was too plain, and not interesting so we used stockings and draped them over and around the box to unify the piece

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