Reflection of "A Tale of Two Travllers" Essay

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Introduction The article” A Tale of Two Travllers”1 refers to tailoring technology and information provided in hotel industry. With the drastic change of technology development over the past few years, hotels have made great effort on providing technology service to fulfill customers’ needs. In order to enhance productivity, improve customer service and strengthen competitive edge, technological advancement seems to be an irresistible trend for the future of the hotel industry. The writer predicted that hoteliers will face a great challenge on striking the balance between old-style customer service and advanced technology and thus, tailoring service which caters for all tastes may become the next tendency of the hotel industry. I agree that the introduction of vanguard advanced technology to the hotel industry would help boost the efficiency of service delivery and competitive advantage at some level; however, the enhancement of technology level does not necessarily bring about the overall improvement of the guest service if resources are mistakenly allocated to merely the former one. Benefits of developing technology service At present, many hotels have already experienced the benefits of technology progress with its efficiency of service delivery. For instance, Omni hotels have provided an online concierge service that allows guests to book any amenity they desire. In the future, the chain will set up online folios for guests to manage the check-outs and billings with their mobile devices.2 Both measures are launched on a self-serve basis. It would spare the time that customers waste on going through the front desk and waiting in a long queue. Meanwhile, hotels are beneficial from only concentrating on service quality but not the routine front desk service. It can also relieve the burden of day shift associates in the peak period of check-in-out process.

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