Reflection Of Experience Essay

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As a result of this learning experience I have learned how to use different sources for creating, editing and modifying databases. The final project was given to me as part of a database development team. I and the members of my team came together as a group with the purpose of achieving a set of goals. I and my team members each of us had a task to work on, and as we progressed some members encounter some issues with our project. I and my members of my team communicated with each other whether by email, text or in person, and were able to get a quick response regarding the issue at hand. Once the member of my database development team received the help needed to resolve their issue they continued on with getting their assigned project task completed. My team was knowledgeable about the staged of development that our team had to take to get the project completed. I provided each of my database development team members with a great deal of feedback regarding the project as I went along. I found we had built a good relationship with each other; because of our effective communication skills among our database development team members. My database development team members understood what it took to accomplish our goal and how to use the resources we had available to us to use. I have gained a better understanding of the use of SQL database definition commands as far as creating tables, select statements, constraints, selecting primary keys and creating relationships among the tables. I also, gained a better understanding of changing table definitions, removing tables, inserting, updating and deleting data, and the use of the most used SQL data retrieval statements which include the following three clauses: SELECT, FROM, and WHERE. I have also, learned to use query to see if the statements that I created worked. I have learned how to use the different
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