Reflection of Declaration of Independence Rights

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The major principles of government as stated in the Declaration of Independence are reflected in the modern American society by giving people equality, the right to use rights appropriately, and the ability to choose and change government. The principle that all men are equal is reflected in our modern society because men of all ethnicity, race, and religion are treated the same with equal rights. Now, women have rights too. For example, there are now equal job opportunities for anyone in America. People have rights as long as they don't interfere or harm other people's rights. This is reflected in the major principles, too. If someone harmed another person's rights, than the government must protect the rights of the victim by taking away the abuser's rights. This modern society example reflects the principle that the government should protect people's rights because the government protects the majority of people's rights for their safety by taking away rights of people who misuse them. The government also protects people's rights by paying for the army. The principle that government comes from the people is reflected in the modern American society by allowing everyone from different genders and ethnicity to vote in elections. From elections, the government gets power from the people (another major principle that is reflected in our modern society). With freedom of speech and new elections, people have the right to change government. In a way, people have the rights to control and shape the government. If the people don't think the government is protecting their rights, then they have freedom to impeach them or change the

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