Reflection of Change Essay

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Reflection Paper 3 Case: Chipping Away at Intel Barrett, during his first three years of tenure diversified Intel by expanding into arenas outside of chip manufacturing, expanding into Internet related services and into production of information and communication appliances. He invested money into new markets to expand his brand, he also sought to make Intel more flexible and attempted to reorganize the company and avoid duplicated responsibilities. Unfortunately, many of his efforts were failing and Intel was in worse shape three years into his tenure than they were when he took over. During last half of his tenure he faced a new pressure The environment pressures that Barrett and Intel faced included declining markets, at the entire industry had been adversely affected by September 11, the declining economy and threat of war. Intel was also faced with hyper competition as many of their rivals; particularly Advanced Micro Devices were producing a faster, cheaper and better quality chip. Intel’s reputation was also floundering due to product delays, recalls and shortages and worse of all, bugs in their software. It would appear from this case study that Barrett was forced to deal with internal pressures of growth, re-establishment of organizational identity and integration and collaboration efforts. Barrett was involved in continuous shuffling of exec to get the new structure to work and there were lot of job cuts. He strategically invested in R&D in order to cut chip making cost which will in turn lead to his goal of curtailing cost and increase sales to promote growth. Barrett also changed the culture of Intel with the intent of re-establishment of organizational identity. He changed the perspective from being the only competition in the market place to better customer relations. Barrett, in order to create economies of scale across different business
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