Reflection: My Personal Ethical Lens Inventory

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While someone else may hold a different ethical viewpoint, I have found, upon taking the Ethical Lens Inventory, my own personal ethical viewpoint to lie right in the middle of the Results Lens and the Reputation Lens. The things I value the most are personal independence and equality between all people. Also, I believe in overcoming obstacles with reasoning and courage. One of my greatest strengths is having compassion, and nothing is more important to me than that specific trait. However, where there is strength, there is also weakness. Although I hold compassion close to me and I use my emotional side to the fullest, it has a tendency to make me too hard-hearted. Whatever I believe in my heart to be the right thing, is usually what I will go after, without constraint. This means I could pass up a better opportunity because I’m too set in my way, mentally and emotionally. There are also some blind spots that I need to watch out for. I tend to set unrealistic goals and have too high of expectations for others, including myself. Personal ethics is something an individual believes to be morally right or wrong. It is important for someone to have a firm grasp on his or her personal ethics because that is what will lead them through life. If someone cannot recognize what they morally believe in, than they will go through life making…show more content…
I will come to these decisions by seeing things for what they are. By keeping an open mind and listening to many different perspectives, I will be able to make the best choice that I can. Being able to reflect on my past life experiences will allow me to not make the same mistakes that I have in the past. I am able to take those negative experiences and grow from them, and that drastically impacts the way I determine the best course of action in any situation I put myself

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